I’d like to teach …


Let me indulge you to a different kind of writing experience and hope you’ll join.  I’ll bullet things I like doing.  I’ll put it in a sentence that begins with “I like …”  For example: “I like movies”.  But instead of outright run-on sentences, I’ll expand the sentence, example: “I like movies”.  I’ll expand this to, “I like watching scary movies at night over garlic flavored bag of tortilla chips”.  Ready?

“I like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”. Sorry, I can’t help it.  Yes, this is a line from an old song

“I like the gut wrenching total abandon of downhill ride on mountain bike over twisty turns and devil-may-care drops”

“I like when things veer off to an exciting turn than meander on the mundane”

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