Drugs and Alcohol

“I am sorry, you’ll die in five …”, said the doctor as he was cut short in mid-sentence.  “Five what? Years? Months? What?”, interrupted the druggie-patient in a weak voice and breath so shallow and expelled with little force. “You’ll die in five … four …  three … two … one …”

Dying cannot go any faster than the above portrayal by way of an anecdote, does it?  Use of illegal drugs and alcohol abuse are two godheads of the devil that ravages the soul.  Not only is its illegal use the shortest route to the grave, it also leads for a long and tormented rotten life as it is also devastates the family.

Alcohol like marijuana is also a drug classified as depressant.  A little bit of alcohol will result in slurred speech, uninhibited talk and inability to think clearly and react quickly.  Marijuana too is another depressant.  These two combined in one’s body can lead to unpredictable results.

This is the primary reason we outlaw drinking in our streets and bars after 10:00 PM.  Allowing these to continue only gets you the chances of either you end up in street fight or get caught up in a nasty vehicular accident on the way home.

In the States, record show vehicular accidents are eleven times more likely to those under the influence of alcohol or in combination with drugs than those without them in their system.  To some these may just be a number – an intellectual accent but devastation to the families left behind by the teenage drinking and driving.

We also hear heart breaking stories of family devastated by drugs.  Drugs and alcohol causes damage to normal cognitive and neural processes on the victim’s thinking causing him to utter or say things or do things that will greatly embarrass the family.  The addict can also cause tension, miscommunication and frequent quarrels within the family thus straining relationships to unhealthy levels.

Children with addicted parents may feel neglected or even abused on top of suffering from a trauma of seeing their father or mother battle the addition.  If it is the child that is an addict the entire family gets affected too.  Parents may have to deal with an abusive child as he/she may steal from the house to support the vice.  The siblings feel neglected as the parents shift full attention and focus on the problem child.

A drug called “meth” or “shabu” in the Philippines is an incredibly addictive drug.  It ravages the body and destroys the mind – according to a “Meth Addiction Treatment”, a blog site for drug rehabilitation center.  The site lists harrowing lists of immediate side effects to long term.  Short term effects include:  appetite loss, convulsions, blood pressure issues, hearth rhythm issues, inability to sleep, mood swings and tremors.  The list is long and I will save you the trouble.  I won’t torment you with it anymore.

In conclusion, let me share a line of a song, “We are all just passing through” and when He calls, like He calls on all of us, let it be for natural causes – a blissful old age, perhaps.  Let us not allow not allow an inch to the devil.  Let us not allow drugs or alcohol to ruin our lives and bring malady to our soul.  Hear our prayers, Lord.

My take.