I’d like to teach …


Let me indulge you to a different kind of writing experience and hope you’ll join.  I’ll bullet things I like doing.  I’ll put it in a sentence that begins with “I like …”  For example: “I like movies”.  But instead of outright run-on sentences, I’ll expand the sentence, example: “I like movies”.  I’ll expand this to, “I like watching scary movies at night over garlic flavored bag of tortilla chips”.  Ready?

“I like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”. Sorry, I can’t help it.  Yes, this is a line from an old song

“I like the gut wrenching total abandon of downhill ride on mountain bike over twisty turns and devil-may-care drops”

“I like when things veer off to an exciting turn than meander on the mundane”

“I like the hold of epic war stories; the pains, sufferings, the ambivalent susceptibilities to hopelessness and frayed promise of hope”.

“I like novels that tell fascinating stories of countryside and farm and rural hardships and adventures and the amazing play with words that made the telling seem more fact than fiction”


Country …


“I like the outdoors and the unpredictable adventures it holds”

“I like eating outside, maybe a picnic groove or the breezy beachfront”

“I like my job for the kick that it engages me into active, creative thinking”

“I like the quiet stillness of the break of dawn and the prevalence of that promise”


Stillness of dawn


I’ll stop here.  I might bore you with a long list.  Yet the long inventory appears to augur happy thoughts.  See, that’s the idea here.  You have to flood the mind into thinking positive.  It can change the way you make out the world which will in turn leads to happiness.

What’s your happy thoughts.  Begin it with, “I like”.  Try it below.

My take.

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