Adolf Hitler

Did you know that Hitler had only one testicle?  Not that the world gave a damn; hell, even Eva Braun his wife of two days never even complained for the lack of it upon discovery in one of their kinky intimacies.

This writing may have come about from scorn over a leader that the Deutsche people once thought would deliver them out of an embarrassing defeat in war and a repressive war treaty; but whose personality dysfunction marked humanity’s darkest hours.  Record shows the German dictator caused a conflict that led to the greatest number of deaths in all the wars by far.  Over sixty (60) million people died.  Majority of these are civilian deaths at forty-five (45) million with battle wounded up to twenty-five (25) million.  These numbers do not include those casualties related to famine and disease, torture, rape and crimes against humanity.  If the numbers dizzy you, a million is one thousand times one thousand.

a speck of the 60 million deaths

I may cringe at these numbers but really, the person is worth writing about; not to vilify neither venerate the man but to study, maybe realize that once upon a time, evil walked in flesh and dwelt amongst us.  Despite history’s distaste of the man, Hitler is a genius, a brilliant orator and charismatic leader but was eclipsed only by his personality flaws that plagued him and ultimately, Germany.

The man was never really tested for IQ but all his generals had it in the Nuremberg Trials.  All of them registered above average marks; and they all talk highly of their Fuhrer’s intellectual capacity.  Alfred Jodl, a German general close to him had an IQ of 127, said, “Hitler was a leader to an exceptional degree.  His knowledge and intellect, his rhetoric and his will power triumphed in the end”.   Wilhelm Keita, a German field marshal who served as Chief of the Armed Forces registered an IQ of 129, said, “Only a genius can do that … even in the simple everyday questions concerning organization and equipment of the Wehrmacht”.

Nuremberg Trials

Most notable is Hjalmar Schacht.  He was a banker and economist – not a military man.  He was the Currency Commissioner and President of the Reichsbank (similar to our Central Bank of the Philippines) prior to and during Hitler’s reign.  He’s good at what he does that he was able to make Germany’s economy turn around early on the Fuhrer’s reign.  But he was against the Fuhrer’s policy of German re-armament and was later suspected for conniving to assassinate him.  He was imprisoned and released only after the war.

Hjalmar Schacht, IQ 143

Schacht was the smartest among the defendants at Nuremberg Trials with IQ at 143.  Despite being estranged and denied the good graces as would of Hitler’s inner circle of close friends, he spoke well of his mental aptitude.  “He was undoubtedly a genius man in some respects.  He had sudden ideas of which nobody else had thought and which were at times useful in solving great difficulties, sometimes with astounding simplicity”.

Not only was Adolf gifted with superior intelligence, he too was imbued with talent of a fiery orator, political keenness and burning patriotism that inspired the defeated people.  He himself knew the power of oratory.  In his book, Mein Kampf (My Struggles), he wrote: “I know that men are won over less by the written than by the spoken word, that every great movement on this earth owes its growth to great orators and not to great writers”.

in one of his fiery speeches

As a young man of 26 years old, Hitler enlisted in the army; however, when the Great War ended in 1918, Hitler find himself without money, food and a place to go.  So, he persuaded his military higher ups to stay in the army as intelligence officer.  He was then assigned to infiltrate the fledgling German Worker’s Party, Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (I can’t even pronounce the name) or DAP but was instead steeped by it.  So, he joined the party.

German Worker’s Party

It was this party that gave him the stage to deliver his well-know fiery speeches that held sway on the German people.  He was able to gather multitudes who’d come to hear his ideas, his love for country and his plans for a thousand years.  His rise to power is proof of this hold on people but he also had competition for the top post.  On his way up, he would employ persuasion or bring to bear political maneuverings yet at times he would not hesitate to use intimidation or use violence.

This propensity for violence is troubling.  His deep hatred for the Jews and visions of world dominion under the guise of Lebensraum are all telltale signs of a troubled mind.  These are personality flaws that plagued all brilliant minds.  These maybe vindictiveness, greed, hubris or overconfidence.

Those who ignore the wisdom of history are bound to repeat them.  Heavens forbid!  But if we let down our guard; we might find ourselves caught in the perfect mix of social problem and strife to spark and bring forth another genius, another brilliant orator, charismatic leader with a twisted mind.

Away from our fold, Lord.

My take.

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