Yes, the above title is a line from a TV ad that the advertising company came up with for their client, a pharmaceutical firm that sells Pharmaton vitamins.  Or so I thought it was until I discovered later that the line came from Napoleon Hill, an American writer.

In the ad, a man was seen running away from a fire-breathing hell’s miscreation and hot on his heels.   The escape route he was treading on dead ended into a deep ravine.  With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, he only has himself to count on.  He composed himself; summons up all energy from every fiber in his body and leaped out and over the abyss like a cheetah in full stretch to the other side.

The TV ad, as portrayed in that 30-second sequel ferret out the message that; if man only aspire for something, anything bigger than what he thought he can do, the body will bring about that change.

Incidentally too, I came upon a blog entitled “Stop Stopping Yourself”.  In it the author narrated that the biggest obstacle to our dreams is actually we.  She said, “I’m talking about the walls we put around ourselves, the doubts we place in our minds, and the lack of courage we have to take on that first step”.  Beautiful.

Having known all these, the idea therefore is to trick the mind into thinking of something.  For instance, I once marvel at how our hotel staff telephone operator able to answer all incoming telephone calls so well.  I can almost “see” the welcoming “smile” in his voice on my end of the telecon.  So I asked him.  His answer caught me off-guard, – he told me he actually smiles into the telephone mouthpiece.

When you trick the mind to think of happy thoughts, it will cause the face muscle to smile.  And smiling makes all things appear light and easy – even as mundane and boring as answering a telephone all day long.  It’s the same wile Peter Pan employed in the Neverland.

In closing, let me share things I learned from one of my corporate seminars.  In one of the structured learning experience we were asked to picture ourselves 10 years downstream.  Some drew sketches of big houses with sprawling lawns and two cars in the front yard.  The facilitator congratulated us but asked that we bring our drawings home to be framed in a wall – to remind us of that dream.

Dreams go notoriously misty with the passing of time until it regresses into mere longings.  Remember, it all begins in the mind.

My take.