Blue skies and seas

Long time ago, the oceans weren’t blue.  They were as clear as your glass of drinking water.  So, when people take to the beach or travel on it, they see through all the way down the deepest recesses, as clear as we see distant horizons.  This unnerved the fisherfolks to see serpentine-like sea creatures slither through and disappear in the underwater chasm.

The sea god, Dagatan disliked this too.  Dagatan felt that human encroachment into his watery world is already something; giving off privacy is too much.  Something has got to be done.  So, the sea god gathered his subjects to talk things through.  They finally agreed to put up a five-foot thick layer of blue colored water screen.  This veneer of blinder installed ten feet below ocean surface is to prevent prying eyes to filter through.

This mantle of a veil, gave them the distance to ensure for a safe retreat and breeding grounds at their most vulnerable life cycle.  This too shielded the fisherman from having to entertain thoughts of morbid phantasm.

Unbeknownst to them, Langitan, the god of high heavens was fuming mad.  What to him before was an unfettered view of both worlds:  Land and Sea is now reduced to half of its former splendor.  He is now seeing only land and a stark boring blue sea.  What should have been proper according to him was all should have been consulted as this affects the fragile cohabitation among all three worlds.

So, he sent for his two loyal lieutenants: Habagat and Amihan, (wind demigods).  Both are in agreement that to rectify the wrong, they need to furtively blow it up and melt it and vanish it in the sky.  They hatched the plan that night.  Morning came.  To their horror and surprise, what used to be clear skies are now stained with speckles and wisps of blue.

In his fury, Langitan banished Habagat and Amihan to be forever despised upon by all creatures below heavens.  And for his part, Langitan went into self-exile in mount Makiling, never to be seen or heard.

As to all creatures, the blue skies and seas became a welcome treat – a testament that the misfortunes of mischief-makers are blessings to others.


As to why the sky is amber (sometimes reddish) early morning and night, I leave that to you to divine.  Hehehe …

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  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog today. You have a very classy website. I can tell you enjoy writing and trying new things.

    I would love to visit Sumilon Island and other attractions in your country.

    Again, thank you for reading and commenting today, Douglas.

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