…   …   “You give your hand to me and then you say hello”   …   …

Michael Buble

The hopeless romantics among you (me included) know this is not my line.  It is from a composition entitled: “You Don’t Know Me”.  This song was vastly popular back in the days, was rendered by various artists with big names enough to be set forth in glitzy neon lights.

Of them all I like the take of Michael Buble.  He brings the tune off to a new plane with his talk-like manner of serenade and the folksy style with which he carried himself.  And of the so many that covered the piece, Buble is the youngest, and, quite the bit unexpected to hang around to an old melody.  But he did it.  He breathes life into and made relevant what should have been a long-forgotten relic.

He’s got the voice that gets a bit more resonant on those low registers yet capable of belting out the high notes and swells that are required of the ballad.  Some say he is a classic jazz and soul singer.  That he is among the peers of Ella Fitzgerald of whom he recognized that influenced him.  Yet unlike his idol, he doesn’t scat-sing his pieces.  He fits more the bill of a soul singer.

The song talks of a person’s greenness and awkward manners in dealing with a first love.  In the line, “and I can hardly speak, my heart is beating so”, I imagine him sitting in silence, staring out over the window, brooding over his powerlessness.  Another line, “dreams … who longed to kiss your lips”.  Queer how even dream did not allow him the pleasure of a kiss.  What he got was a dream of the longing to kiss; but not the kiss.

One woman is seen in the spectators holding her chest.  It is as if by doing so, will calm the heart or prevent it from leaping out of its holds.

The fourth stanza simply killed the man.  The line, “I watched you walk away beside the lucky guy” was just the coup de grace.  You see all these build up to this line.  And Buble delivered like as if he is on fervent prayer:  one hand reaching out to heavens, eyes closed, head bowed down in sullen solitude and total surrender.

Tell me of your favorite tune.

My take.

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